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Day 3 – Finding the Minefield

Posted in The Wasteland Journey Blog by Bill on April 26, 2009

Off to the Minefield

The next morning I set out early again, Moira wanted me to bring back a mine from a heavily mined town several miles north of Megaton. Hardly the nicest sounding job but she promised to pay well and, if I’m honest, I was eager to explore more of this new world that was becoming my home.


A Vicious Dog

After walking for nearly hour an hour I was attacked by an animal, some sort of mutated dog. It’s starting to become clear to me now that the pollution from the fallout has had a huge effect on the wildlife, I imagine as I spend more time in the wasteland I am only going to find more examples of this.

Still, wildlife is wildlife and probably the only source of food im going to find unprotected so I used a knife I had found in the supermarket to cut away as much of the useful meat from the dog. I didn’t have the stomach to eat it yet, but I could already feel myself getting hungry.


A group of Raiders


Am I going mad?

As I continued to travel towards the co-ordinates of the minefield Moira has gave me I bumped into another group of raiders. I attempted to sneak past them but they saw me and gave chase. Thankfully with all the weapons I had found I had no problem in taking them out. Afterwards I stripped their bodies and used their armor to patch up my own. I piled them together and found myself just staring at their lifeless remains for a while. I’m still coming to terms with the things I’m having to do to survive and still haunted by the fact I enjoy it.


Found the minefield town.


Attacked by a sniper!


The old man.

Shortly after leaving the corpses of the raiders I had killed I came across the minefield town. I quickly disabled one of the mines and packed it away for Moira. I was about to leave when a nearby derelict car exploded, seriously injuring my leg. I quickly released there was someone with a sniper rifle in a nearby building. I used as much cover as I could to get closer then killed my attacker with my hunting rifle. Afterwards I climbed up through the ruins to where he had been standing. It looks like he lived there and was only defending what was his. He was an old man, in the vault he would have been retired and wouldn’t have had a care in the world. Out here he was just another human fighting to survive. I took his rifle and ammo and then sat down and ate the dog meat I collected earlier.


Sleeping in the wasteland

It quickly became dark and I had no choice but to spend the night in the derelict building. I laid down in the old mans bed, wrote this diary update and then went to bed.

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