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Day 5 – The Fire Ants

Posted in The Wasteland Journey Blog by Bill on April 27, 2009

The next day I set out on another errand for Moira. This time she wanted me to do some research on the founding of a nearby settlement known as Rivet City. Apparently it’s nearly as large as Megaton and even more well guarded. I was expecting the trip to take a good few hours.


The Little Boy

After walking for several hours I saw a small boy running towards me. He was crying and in obvious need of help. I calmed him down and eventually he told me that his settlement was under attack so I followed him back to see if I could help. I told the boy to hide in a shelter pod while I checked out the area.

The Little Boys Dad

The Little Boys Dad

It didn’t take long to realise that something terrible had happened here. Every house I went into was either completely destroyed or still on fire. The last house I came to was the little boys and I found his parent’s corpses surrounded by some sort of giant ant. From the looks of it they put up a good fight but it wasn’t enough.

I went back to boy and did my best to break the news gently. His reaction shocked me, no sadness, no sense of loss. All he wanted was revenge. I almost couldn’t believe it, a nine year old ready to kill to avenge his parents death. As each day goes by I’m starting to think more and more that I might have been better off spending my whole life in the Vault.

Our conversation was interrupted though, he parents attackers had returned in force. I pushed the boy back in the shelter pod and got ready to fight.


Ant Fight 1


Ant Fight 2


Ant Fight 3


Ant Fight 4


Ant Fight 5

I did my best to fend off the ants, some of them were nearly twice my size though and just when I thought things couldn’t get much worse I discovered they can spray fire too. The scientist in me would have loved to find out how that was possible, but I had no time to be a scientist.

After nearly two hours and after depleting nearly all of my ammo I realised I wasn’t going to win this. A group of the ants had started to advance on the boy’s shelter pod. I froze for a second, deciding what to do… I left him. I had no choice. I retreated and headed back to Megaton to rearm.



It wasn’t until later that night, when I sat in bed writing this entry that I really thought about what I had done. I left a small child to be killed because I wasn’t good enough to prevent it.

I wont be sleeping much tonight.

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